Thursday, March 26, 2009

Create FTP users' steps

This is my strange way to create FTP users at Unix server:

  1. commend: "useradd", and then ..... create the first user in first.
  2. makeup a PHP page to run users' data, and then the users's data should be output like (1*)
  3. commend: "vipw", and then (1*) copy&past. Save the changes.
  4. write a bash shell to create folder and relative permission (2*)
  5. make sure of apache virtual host's setting
  6. restart apache, and enjoy the success.
  1. username:password_encoded:UID:GID::0:0:userdata:path:shell
  2. make a for-loop; add a serial of commends follow(if you need '-R' )
  • copy first_user's folder next_user's folder
  • chown -R somebody folder/path
  • chgrp -R somegroup folder/path
  • chown -R somebody.somegroup folder/path

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